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Mastering a language is not an easy task. There are many ways to do it. To help you we have developed this game application. The word game is the best method to master a language. The longest word game is a concept that allows you to expand your vocabulary while having fun It is a game only for the laptop and not for the Mac. It can be played against the computer or with other players.



When you play against the computer, you have to find a word in English or French that is longer than what the computer suggests. Only then can you get points. This game has a dictionary with more than 30,000 words in English and French. You have the choice to propose to the computer the number of letters (15 letters maximum) that it can use randomly. You also have the option of choosing between vowels and consonants. You can choose how long you want each participant to think about the game. In case you suggest a word to the computer during the game and it doesn't recognize it, you can add it to the game's dictionary if you are sure that the word exists. This is a great opportunity to learn the French and English language.



What do you think is the longest word? The word "unconstitutionally" is a word that has already reached a consensus with 10 syllables and 25 letters. Obviously in French, it would qualify as the most fascinating common noun. Of course it is! There is a rumor that since the end of 2017 that the supporters of unconstitutionalism have been overthrown by recruits. If we admit the reflexive forms, we can cite "would deconstitutionalize" and "deconstitutionalize" which consist of 26 letters each. They are forms in the present conditional and imperfect subjunctive respectively of the verb "deconstitutionalize" which is formed of 21 letters. These two words have one more letter than anticonstitutional. As for the word "intergovernmentalization", it has 27 letters. This makes it the longest word in the French language. This word has been synchronized by the wise men of the French Academy of Sciences. If we look at the medical side, we have words with more than 25 letters. This is the case of the word "psycho pharmacotherapeutic" which is formed by 27 letters. One word has 32: this is the example of "cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene". It is a type of nucleus that is part of the composition of biochemical elements such as cholesterol.



If we call "intergovernmentalization" the longest word in French, this does not make it the longest word in the world. For many years with 29 letters a day, the British called themselves the most supreme country in the world because of anti-instability. At 63 letters, rindfleischetikettierttierungsuberwachungsaufgabenubertragungsgestez is a German word that makes us look for a way to write it in French. Since the application was closed in 2013, it has been abandoned. The German language uses chained words to make up a German word. It is not the only language that uses this technique. This is also the case for words in Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian. For some, it is cheating (case of the United States) but for others it is not. For this, we push our curiosity to know the longest word in the world. The longest word in the world according to the archives is also a versatile champion. It is a 195 character word, but according to the Roman transliteration, it is 428 characters long. In one complete sentence, it is the description of the Kansi region in India that was written by Queen Tirumalamba in the 16th century. Just imagine the size of this book she could have written. The name of a disease consisting of 45 letters found in the Oxford English Dictionary has officially made this word the longest English word. This disease is a form of pneumonia that is often referred to by doctors. It is nicknamed P 45. Mary Poppins sang "Alkaline Supersolio" which is one of the classics. This word does not have a logical meaning, but it can have some. Everyone is able to pronounce it even if it is difficult to do and long, but what is important is that it makes you feel good. "nghiêng" is a word that is not long. You may wonder why you would add this word of only 7 letters in the examples. Of course it is not a long word if we compare it with other words of 25 letters, but it is a language with more symbols in Vietnamese. It is the shortest word among the longest words that exist. We notice that there is a slight difference which makes "nghiêng" look more like a morpheme than a complete word. Indeed, we have to know that Vietnamese is an "isolated" language which is based on the aggregation of small words rather than the addition of prefixes and suffixes in order to have a different meaning from the nouns. You will find that the definition of words is not exact. The longest words compared to the way you define the rules. We notice that there are languages composed of approximate words, words containing complete sentences, very long names of places, which have been taken into account for assigning longer titles to certain words. With the game "the longest word", it is an opportunity to have fun and practice with the French and English language!

the longest word

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The longest word
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